Über Deutschland (On Germany)

© Bernhard Sallmann | Über Deutschland

Bernhard Sallmann

DE 2021
82 min | HD | German
Sc: Bernhard Sallmann | DOP: Reiner J. Nagel | E: Christoph Krüger | S: Klaus Barm | M: Tomas Bächli | P+Sales: ostwärts-film | With Judica Albrecht

sunday 10 oct 11.00 theatiner filmkunst | guest: Bernhard Sallmann

The 17-year-old Russian Marina Tsvetaeva spends the summer of 1910 in the sanatorium town of Loschwitz near Dresden. In 1919, in the Russia of wartime communism, she recalls this time and overlays it with a praise of German culture. She is on the verge of becoming one of the most important writers of the 20th century. (Crossing Europe)

Bernhard Sallmann born 1967 in Linz /Austria. Studied journalism, German studies and sociology in Salzburg and Berlin, studied film directing at the HFF “Konrad Wolf” Potsdam-Babelsberg. In his films he deals mainly with themes from his adopted home Berlin and the Brandenburg surroundings.

Filme (Auswahl) L. schweigt 2003 | Die Lausitz 20×90 2004 | Träume der Lausitz 2009 | Das schlechte Feld 2011 | Die Welt für sich und die Welt für mich. 2013 (9. UX) | Sevan 2014 | Fastentuch 1472 2015 | Havel-Quadrologie 2016 – 2019 | Über Deutschland 2021

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