Train Again

© Peter Tscherkassky

Peter Tscherkassky

AT 2021
20 min | 35mm | no dialogues
M: Dirk Schaefer | Sales: Sixpackfilm

monday 11 oct 6.00 pm theatiner filmkunst

18 years after Kurt Kren produced his third film 3/60 Trees in Autumn, he shot his masterpiece 37/78 Tree Again. 18 years after I created my third darkroom film L’Arrivée (an homage to the Lumière brothers and their 1895 L’Arrivée d’un train), I embarked on Train Again. This third film in my “Rushes Series” is an homage to Kurt Kren that simultaneously taps into a classic motif in film history. (Peter Tscherkassky)

Peter Tscherkassky born 1958 in Vienna. Studied philosophy in Vienna and Berlin. In 2020 he was UNDERDOX Artist in Focus.

Films (selection) L’Arrrivée 1998 | Dream Work 2001 | Instructions for a Light and Sound System 2005 | Coming Attractions 2010 | The Exquisite Corpus 2015 (alle 15. UX)

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