The Lobby

© Heinz Emigholz | The Lobby

Heinz Emigholz

DE / AR 2020 | German Premiere
76 min | HD | English
Sc: Heinz Emigholz | DOP: Heinz Emigholz, Jonathan Perel | E: Till Beckmann, Heinz Emigholz | S: Esteban Bellotto | P: Jonathan Perel, PYM Films | Distribution: Filmgalerie 451 | With John Erdman

saturday 9 okt 19.30 werkstattkino

While officially regarded by prolific maestro Heinz Emigholz as a “sequel” to THE LAST CITY this one-man tour-de-force starring veteran actor John Erdman functions splendidly on its own. Erdman here incarnates a hyper-articulate character simply credited as “Old White Male.” Our protagonist is presented in comfortable Buenos Aires apartment-building lobbies, holding forth in erudite, sardonic fashion on mortality – and through this dark prism examining the state of humanity. THE LOBBY is a virtuoso cine-monologue of an indelibly witty and stimulating stripe, self-referential and self-deconstructing. Once again teaming up productively with Jonathan Perel, Emigholz crafts an elegant frame for a sardonic, occasionally poetic exploration of fundamental ideas. (Neil Young)

Heinz Emigholz born 1948 in Achim near Bremen. Since 1973 freelance filmmaker, visual artist, cinematographer, author, publicist and producer. From 1993 to 2013 he held the chair for Experimental Film Design at the Berlin University of the Arts. Co-founder of the Institute for Time-Based Media and the Art and Media program there. Since 2012 member of the Visual Arts Section of the Academy of Arts in Berlin. He was UNDERDOX Artist in Focus 2017.

Films (selection) Normalsatz 1978 / 81 | Die Basis des Make-up 1979 / 85 | Der zynische Körper 1986 / 91 | Goff in der Wüste 2003 | D’Annunzios Höhle 2005 | Loos ornamental 2008 | Parabeton 2012 (7. UX) | The Airstrip 2014 | Le Corbusier 2015 | Streetscapes [dialogue] 2017 (12. UX) | 2+2=22 [The Alphabet] 2017 (12. UX) | Die letzte Stadt 2020 | The Lobby 2021

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