Soon It Will Be Dark

© Isabell Heimerdinger

Isabell Heimerdinger

DE 2020 | FIDMarseille, 2020 Special Mention Prix Cnap
23 min | HD | no dialogues
DOP+E: Ivan Marković | S: Ansgar Frerich, Jonathan Ritzel | P+Sales: Isabell Heimerdinger | With Deuladeu Luis Martins, José Manuel Spencer

friday 8 oct 9.30 pm werkstattkino | long shorts 2: dark matters | guest: Isabell Heimerdinger

Life on the island follows the changing pace of day and night. Where the only road seeps into the forest, the air gets warmer, more humid. Here, in the shade of tall trees, a man is at work in the dense under-growth. The sounds he produces, metal against wood, footsteps on dry leaves, blend in with the sounds of the all-embracing nature. His daily routine is directed by light and shadow until the sun sets. At night, at the other end of the road, his loneliness is softened by the voices of the others, next to the warming fire, until the first light. (FID Marseille)

Isabell Heimerdinger born 1963 in Stuttgart, explores in her photographs and installations the boundaries between authenticity and simulation, fiction and reality, artificiality and authenticity.

Films Detour 2007 | Good Friends 2011 | Blind Date 2011 | Mr. Xu 2012 | Giorgio 2014 | Soon It Will Be Dark 2020

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