Los inocentes (The Blameless)

© Guillermo Benet | Los inocentes

Guillermo Benet

ES 2020 | German Premiere
100 min | HD | Spanish
Sc: Rafa Alberola, Guillermo Benet | DOP: Giuseppe Truppi | E: Perig Guinamant | S+SD: Roberto Fernández, Óscar Vincentelli | M: Troia | P: Cristina Hergueta, Guillermo Benet, Rafa Alberola | Sales: Garde Films | With Pablo Gómez-Pando, Violeta Orgaz, Pilar Bergés, Raúl de la Torre, Susana Abaitua, Olivia Delcán

tuesday 12 oct 21.30 werkstattkino | guest: Guillermo BenetBenet

“Everything was very fast, I don’t remember well what happened.“ That is what six people have in mind during the course of a gloomy night in which their lives are brought together by a lurid incident. A puzzle that is reconstructed through the subjective vision and actions of each one of them during that night, which seemed like every other partying night. People from the so-called “correct side”, children of the 15-M that find themselves involved in an ethical dilemma that remains too big for them and that exposes the trench of individuality in which we live (and want to continue living in) comfortably. (Festival de Sevilla)

Guillermo Benet Born in 1984 in Salamanca. Studied audiovisual communication at the Complutense University of Madrid and screenwriting at the Madrid Film School ECAM. With Vermut Films, founded together with Rafa Alberola, he produced several short films. LOS INOCENTES is his feature film debut.

Filme Los inocentes 2020

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