Le temps des autres (The Time of Others)

© Claire Angelini | Le temps des autres

Claire Angelini

FR 2020 | German Premiere
123 min | HD | French
DOP: Claire Angelini, Stéphane Degnieau | S: Claire Angelini | P+Sales: Albanera

tuesday 12 oct 17.00 werkstattkino | guest: Claire Angelini

A film as a long journey, 300 km far from Paris: while archaeologists of the center of European archaeology in Bibracte are looking in the mountain after indecipherable bits of our former humanity, absent people in the plain have left behind them recent remains that we no longer even know how to decipher. Progressively emerges the sense of the presence and disappearance of the foreigners in this territory, Spanish, Polish – who were the most advantageous and exploited workforce. Tracing their presence buried in this post-industrial landscape recalls places and beings, developing another history as an act of resistance. The practice of archeology observed in parallel with this quest, opens a reflection on history as materiality. (Claire Angelini)

Claire Angelini born 1969 in Nice. Studied at the Academy of Arts and the Sorbonne in Paris. She uses film, photography, installation and drawing to question the relationship between art, politics and history under the category of trace, ruin, memory and survival of images. Her work is situated in the connection between historical records and contemporary issues. She lives and works in Paris and Munich.

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