Landscapes of Resistance

© Marta Popivoda, Landscapes of Resistance

Marta Popivoda

RS 2021
95 min | HD | Serbian
Sc: Marta Popivoda, Ana Vujanović DOP: Ivan Marković | E: Jelena Maksimović SD: Jakov Munižaba | P+V: Bocalupo Films | With Sofija Sonja Vujanović, Ivo Vujanović, Ivanka Maksović

thursday 7 oct 7.00 pm filmmuseum münchen | opening | guests: Marta Popivoda, Ivan Marković

Sonja was one of the first female partisans in Serbia and helped lead the resistance in Auschwitz. Archival material is conspicuously absent. Sonja also makes scant appearances. While we hear her voice-over, the camera travels to spots the stories could have taken place. A landscape is given Sonja’s voice: grass and trees, a crack in the wall, slates off an old farm shed, deer grazing in the distance, even the chimney that is still standing. Sometimes images are augmented by drawings and journal-like entries from Sonja’s granddaughter, who also wrote this film’s script.

Marta Popivoda b. 1982 in Serbia. Her work explores tensions between memory and history, collective and individual bodies, and ideology and everyday life, with a focus on anti-fascist and feminist potentials of Yugoslav socialism. She is part of the collective TkH (Walking Theory). In addition to her films, she has realized numerous installations. She received the prestigious Berlin Art Award for Visual Arts from the Academy of Arts Berlin and the Edith Russ House Award for Emerging Media Artists. She lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam.

Filme (Auswahl) Yugoslavia, How Ideology Moved Our Collective Body 2013 (8. UX) | Landscapes of Resistance 2021

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