Happy Valley

© Simon Liu | Happy Valley

Simon Liu

HK / USA 2020
12 min | 16mm | no dialogue
DOP+E: Simon Liu | SC+M: LiuSeeLiu P: Rachael Lawe | Sales: Simon Liu

wednesday 13 oct 6.00 pm theatiner filmkunst

Through processing a year of bewildering news and images from my home in Hong Kong, I’ve come to question the significance of dear memories and personal joy in the face of things falling apart. As the days teeter toward an uncertain future, Happy Valley cinematically probes the role of the so-called “little things”. A rendering of the perseverance of spirit in Hong Kong − an attempt at irony that can’t help but be emotional. (Simon Liu)

Simon Liu born 1987 in Hong Kong. Lives and works in Brooklyn. His work has been shown at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and at film festivals, including in Europe, Brazil and the USA.

Films (selection) Sneyd Green 2016 Cluster Click City Sundays 2017 | Star Ferry 2018 (13. UX) | E-Ticket 2019 (14. UX) | Signal 8 2019 | Happy Valley 2020

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