City Hall

© Frederick Wiseman | City Hall

Frederick Wiseman

USA 2020
272 min | HD | English
Sc+S+E: Frederick Wiseman | DOP: John Davey | P: Puritan Films | Sales: Zipporah Films | With Marty Walsh

sunday 10 okt 6.00 pm filmmuseum münchen

I made CITY HALL to illustrate why government is necessary for people to successfully live together. CITY HALL shows a city government offering a wide variety of important and necessary services to a major American city whose population exemplifies the history of diversity of America. The Boston city government is designed and strives to offer these services in a manner consistent with the Constitution and democratic norms. (Frederick Wiseman)

Wiseman’s work is preoccupied with what one could call spirit. With an intensity usually found only in fiction, Wiseman examines the moral and spiritual life of an institution, revealing the way people are mauled, pounded into shape, ignored, or even ennobled by passing through or working in one of these places; that is, the way people react to authority. (David Denby, The New York Review)

Frederick Wiseman born in 1930 in Boston. The veteran of Direct Cinema has been concerned primarily with American institutions since 1967. He is the legendary chronicler of the Western world, who has penetrated the DNA of legal, artistic, educational and erotic institutions.

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