Anus Solaire

© Bear Boy feat. Groupe Maudit

Bear Boy feat. Groupe Maudit

DE 2021 | World Premiere
97 min | HD | German
Sc: Bear Boy & Groupe Maudit
DOP: Anna van den Wolken, Luce Fons de Cucumbre, Dr. Chico, Dr. Bear Boy u.a. | E: Bear Boy | Decor: Dr. Chico | Constructions + Robotic: Aikin Shin Maudit | Sculpture + plastic: Maudit A, Veit Kowald | Sales: Beastie Production & Groupe Maudit | With Dr. BB, Dr. Woodstacker, Dr. Ray, Dr. Bear Boy

mwednesday 13 oct 22.00 werkstattkino | closing night | guests: Bear Boy & Groupe Maudit

anus solaire is the celebration of subterranean way of life; far apart from the pharmaco-phallocratic complex there rises a healing culture which is based on music, poetry and transcending of the body. the body is nothing but a corpse to be left behind when the exstatic soul rejuvenated by melody emerges, saved, in bliss. pull the sticks out of your asses! balsam your bottoms with herbs and strong perfumes… bash the occult twisted economies that exploit the stricken and the poor. discover your own new ways of healing and jubilating… caress your sun asses with celestial melodies! (bear boy, july 2021)
(bear boy, july 2021)

Bear Boy feat. Groupe Maudit is a group of artists in Munich who, through numerous art actions, happenings and performances, re-capture the activist spirit of transcendental art gestures of the wild 1970s in Munich.

Films Notre Dame des Friches (for Piero Heliczer) 2017 (12. UX) | L´après-midi d´Augustine 2018 | Breath Death (disarmed) (13. UX) | Yoga für Frauen und Bären 2018 (13. UX) | Woher das Wort Luise kommt 2019 (14. UX) | Wubu Square 2020 (15. UX) | Anus Solaire 2021

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