Connecting Futures: Liana Cheverdyuk

liana. i’m from ukraine, and i’m a villager. of course, i’m bad at computers and i often forget where i put my phone, thats why it is impossible to get in touch with me. i study psychology, but i’m more into film. i’m also fond of photography, and my most temporary interest is architecture. 

it makes me sad to see how my country is being destroyed by chaotic buildings. people are disoriented – they wish to erase their own identity. they want to cover with dence boxes the origin of city. all the time when i drive by villages, i witness how people there want to transform the ukrainian village into a faceless settlement. glass ornaments, mosaics, ceramic tiles became something to be ashamed of. the same is in the cities. indeed, it is easier to like those austrian buildings of 19 century, than the ones from the soviet times or from villages. but even though it saves non of them. 

so than such a paradox occurs: to destroy by building. this temporary interest is the saddest one among all that i’ve had. it’s even more sad from my childhood interest in astronomy, when i was crying from the fact that the sun would explode in 5 billion years.

© Liana Cheverdyuk

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