Connecting Futures: Anna Schneegans

Born and raised in Marseille, I did many exchanges between Marseille – Münster – Hamburg and Berlin throughout my high school years. Two years after my Abitur, I moved 2020 to Berlin to study Film Studies and Political Sciences at the FU. Today I am 22 and have completed more than half of my studies at the FU online. Now I’m at the end of my BA and feel the frustration of having experienced so little of the campus, the people, festivals and exchanges about films, politics, films and politics. The Connecting Futures program fits perfectly with my passions, my subjects of study and my urge to leave the online space and dive back into real conversations. How Europe has been thought of politically and culturally shapes my life choices. I see the danger of European closeness as a real threat. To be able to cross national borders so easily and share together about the multiple threats of our time through films gives me a great strength! 

© Anna Schneegans

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