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Krsto Papić – JU 1969 — 11 Min.– Serbokroatisch — 35mm

R+B: Krsto Papić K: Vjenceslav Orešković P: Zagreb Film





The modern Vinkovci Railway Station building is a place where we get to see the backside of socialism‘s success – unpromising seasonal workers and homeless people, but also an enthusiastic station member.


Krsto Papić (Vučedol, Montenegro, 1933 - Zagreb, 2013), internationally acclaimed Croatian film director and screenwriter, and one of the main representatives of Yugoslav author's cinema, graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. After assisting to other directors, he made his directing debut in 1965 with an episode in the omnibus „Ključˮ, followed by his first feature film „Iluzijaˮ (1967). Since the late 1960s and through the early 1970s he made in alternation his crucial politically engaged feature films and his most important socially committed documentaries.