fotoStory With No Words | Japan 2010 | 10 min.

A girl, who lost her friend, falls asleep as she's been exhausted by crying. She has a dream, where she sees another form of this world and there she meets something that's meant to be her dead friend. It has no shape and it seems invisible. However, she comes across it many times in her life, and it contacts her again and again.


fotoSong of Kijimuna (Kijimuna no Uta) | Japan 2007 | 3 min.

It is said that "Kijimuna" is a spirit who appears like a small boy and lives in gajumaru trees that only grow in Okinawa. He's mischievous and his favorite food is fish eyes. He sings a song about everyday lives of people in Okinawa.



Makiko Murayama, born in Osaka, Japan in 1981. Graduated from Kyoto Seika University in 2004. She started shooting movies since she was at college. She tackles various forms of visual arts such as animation, fiction and documentary. She now works mainly on video editing.

Films (selection):
2000 | Let’s go Shiawase | 2007 | People working in vegetable Kijimuna no Uta | 2008 | Work Shop | 2010 | Story with No Word



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